AKC Miniature Schnauzer Puppies

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What does it mean if someone says the puppy has papers?

When considering which breeder to purchase your new puppy from there are many things to consider. Is  the puppy registered with a national registry that only registers pure bred dogs? If not , you have no way to know for sure what all your puppy really has bred into its genetics. Some registrys offer papers that show you  have a pure bred puppy but have no way of knowing genetically if that is the case. The American Kennel Club (AKC) is the only nationally recognized registration system that guarantees that your puppy comes from a pure line of Miniature Schnauzers. The AKC does not recognize any mixed breed dog and genetic testing is required for breeders who sell multiple puppies throughout the year to guarantee that the sire is indeed the father of the pups being registered.

Many breeders spend countless hours  to showing and breeding to the standard that that AKC states a Miniature Schnauzer should look, act and resemble in appearance and attitude. These breeders have invested their lives and a great deal of money in breeding top quality Miniature Schnauzers with Champion pedigrees. They will not sell puppies to just anyone who may not care as much about the breed as they do or are willing to invest as much time as they have.

 On the opposite side of the spectrum , we are all aware of the puppy mill breeder which only cares about how many and how fast they can produce puppies to make a few dollars. Unfortunately , they have little invested in health care, proper care for the dogs or puppies, or even love for what they do. They demand very little fee because they have very little invested. They produce mass puppies with no follow up or concern about what they may be sending you home with. They convince you that the cute puppy is everything you hope it will be. Meanwhile the parents have been negelected from having a loving home and have been being forced to do nothing but breed to make money.  Remember this was how your potential puppy has spent his entire life so far. They should be free from mats, flees, and sickness.  How can you trust someone to provide you with a healthy, well cared for puppy if they are not properly careing for the parents. Unfortunately, many of these puppys develop  poor health conditions with their skin, eyes, bones,etc.  because genetic testing and quality care was not put into the dogs they are breeding. Its as simple as  "you get what you pay for!" .. Oh how we so often learn the hard way.

My dogs are my family pets.   First and foremost my dogs are my family. I made sure to purchase my dogs from quality breeders who were able to show that my dogs come from a healthy, nice bloodline.  You will see when you come to my home that my dogs have a 2 acres of open space to run, toys, bones and they are always groomed to be comfortable for them. I recently moved to Byhalia where we built a 32 by 14 indoor /outdoor kennel for all the dogs. The inside is airconditioned and each group is able to access the outside run on their own. This is more convienent for the dogs and for me since I have expanded my facilities. My puppies are handled daily by all family members.  The puppies are exposed to the sights and sounds of all ages of people and things around them. They begin to be a part of all the happenings of a family. They  smell lots of new smells and learn not to have fears of these things. They are  always being watched for any signs of illness, shyness or anything that may require special care.  You want to know what potential your puppy has to look like then take a good look at the pictures of my dogs, get to know them by asking questions about them because they have passed on these traits to their puppies!--  

Just as a disclaimer.. I am not saying that buying the most expensive puppy will keep you free from any future health problems or guarantee you a perfect puppy nor am I saying that buying the cheapest one will guarantee you will have any problems in the future. I am simply saying that purchasing a puppy is an investment. Do your research. Check out several litters so you have something to compare. Make sure the whole family gets involved, its a big decision and you want to make the right one for you!