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Agreement/Deposit Form

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Puppy Agreement/Contract

    Finding the best possible homes for our puppies is one of our most important goals here at Pannell's Puppies. We do not want our puppies placed with families who are purchasing a puppy spontaneously with little thought, as a surprise gift like a Christmas present which fades out of interest after Christmas morning or for someone else who they have not spoken to about the purchase.  It is important if you are trying to surprise another family member or friend that they are prepared and wanting a puppy. You also must be prepared to meet the needs of the puppy in the event that the person does not want the puppy or is unable to care for the puppy. 

   We are now approaching Christmas and lots of families want the excitement of a new puppy Christmas morning. It can absolutely be a Hallmark moment watching your child hold their new puppy on Christmas morning and it makes for adorable pictures but the needs of the puppy last much longer than Christmas.  

   A puppy should not be purchased with the assumption that someone else in the home will be responsible for caring for the puppy. I sometimes hear that a puppy is a gift for a child to teach them responsibility, a child cannot be responsible for a puppy. I would hope that young children can grow up with our puppies and will learn how to properly care for them but the ultimate responsibility is on the person who brings this puppy into your home. 

   A puppy is a long-term commitment.  It is important that each family is aware of the responsibility that a schnauzer puppy brings. A schnauzer puppy will need regular medical and grooming care. A puppy will need lots of attention, it is very similar to bringing home a new baby. You will need to provide a lot of love, play, socialization, training and rules with boundaries.  

   If you have given this decision a lot of thought and decided that you are ready to make a schnauzer puppy a member of your family then we are here to help. Below you will find the contract to place a deposit on the puppy of your choice. Puppies can be reserved by color and sex prior to or after birth if still available. If you have a deposit with us, we allow you to choose which puppy once they are born based on order that I received deposit and preference you reserved. If only 1 puppy is born matching the sex and color you desire then that puppy will be reserved for you and not made available to anyone else.  Please don't wait if you are sure this is what you are going to do because I can have 5 puppies available one day and a day later they can all be adopted. Your puppy is not reserved until deposit is received. 

   My agreement form is listed below. I require this form to be filled out and mailed with your deposit when you are reserving a puppy. I do not provide my address on this form because I do want to have communications with you prior to your decision. Please call or text me so we can start a discussion regarding your new puppy and I will be able to provide you my address to mail. I accept cash in hand, personal check or money order by mail for the deposit. I do not accept deposits through cash apps, venmo or any other form of electronic payment. The remaining balance must be made in full by cash when you pick up the puppy. If we are meeting somewhere for pick up or I am delivering the puppy then the full balance must be paid prior. 

                                  Print document below. If you do not have printing availability then it can be hand written...... 



      I _____________ wish to make a non-refundable deposit in the amount of $500 to hold a _______________ (color), ___________(sex) Miniature Schnauzer puppy. My second choice if that selection is not available at the time of birth would be _______________(color),______________(sex). I understand that this puppy will be held until he/she is weaned and ready to leave (which will be the discretion of the breeder) at which time I will pay the remaining balance of $1,000 in CASH.  I am not a breeder . I will have my pet neutered  to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, overpopulation  and for the better health of the animal within the first 12 months of  his or her life.
I understand that raising a puppy is a big commitment. I am ready to provide this puppy a forever home. I will provide regular medical care , supervision, training, and love. 

My name : ____________________________________

My address : ___________________________________


My Phone:______________________________________

Signature:______________________________________  Date: _______________

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