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I am sure you are wondering what is happening while you are waiting. Here is some information about what goes on here while you are preparing there.

Your puppy spent apx. 65 days in the mother's womb along with all of his brothers and sisters. Our average litters range from about 3 to 6 puppies. On delivery day mom probably took about 5 to 12 or so hours to deliver the entire litter. Mom delivers her babies in an enclosed area that is clean and free from paper and fabric so that with each puppy she can focus on tearing them out of their sack and licking them to stimulate breathing and eliminating waste. We try to not overstep mom in this process, but we do step in with assistance when needed as we don't want to watch any puppy struggle more than necessary. We also include a heat lamp in this area that helps keep wet puppies warm and helps them dry quicker. This is a messy process so even if he's first to be born, snuggled up to mom and even began drying, he may end up with amnionic fluid from his siblings birth getting him all wet again. We help mom keep all her pups together, so they are all delivered in the same spot.   

Your puppy was born into this world with his eyes and ears shut. He could not walk but he could scoot to get around. He was born with the desire to get to warmth where he could find his mother's milk which would support his growth for the first 3 to 4 weeks of his life. He was born with a sucking instinct and the ability to smell the life supporting milk that is required. Each puppy will be assisted if necessary to start drinking immediately from mom because the first milk has colostrum which provides all the antibodies necessary to protect him during this time. Most vets believe as long as mom is fully vaccinated she will pass this protection from illness on to her newborn puppies and it will be affective for at least the first 4 weeks and longer if they continue to nurse.  It is very important for young and newborn puppies to stay warm as they are not able to maintain their own body temperature. He will be squished and squeezed by mom and his siblings as they lay up under mom when they nurse and sleep. They sometimes end up on the bottom of a puppy pile as siblings seek warmth and comfort from him and crawl on top or around him. This is all very healthy and stimulating for him. For apx the first 3 weeks your puppy cannot eliminate on his own. He will use stimulation from his siblings rubbing across him, our handling him and his mom licking to clean him. Mom will keep him and his area clean while he drinks her milk.  


At 3 days old they make their first trip to the vet. If mom is not back to her normal self at this time then she will go too. Our vet will check to make sure they are able to nurse, ask about any problems the puppies might be having and affirm that mom is doing good. The puppies will one by one get their tails docked and dew claws removed. 

At about ten days his ears will open and about 14 days his eyes will open to. It is a process that doesn't happen all at once and shouldn't be rushed. Even with their eyes open they won't see clearly for a little while longer. During this time mom only leaves them to eat, drink, exercise and eliminate herself. She won't choose to spend leisure time away from her newborn puppies. She knows that they need to eat about every two to three hours and she wants to keep them safe, warm, clean and fed. While our moms deliver and raise puppies they stay in the whelping box with heat lamp and a separate area to go to eliminate and eat. 

Once puppies have arrived they primarily stay in this designated area with mom for the first 4 weeks of the puppies lives. We want to make sure the puppies are her focus and that they have the best possible care. We comfort mom during this time with affirmative words and compliments, we give her affection and any support she needs. If she is struggling to care for them at any time we step in and help. We handle the puppies every day from birth through their life with us. We make sure they know us and learn that people are good. They learn to trust from the time they are real little. 

At about 3 weeks the puppies are up on their feet.  They play with each other by batting at one another and trying to chew on each other. Mom may start trying to regurgitate her chewed food to them. We start feeding them twice a day Purina Puppy Chow soaked in warm water and turned to mush. They make a mess trying to eat their food but little by little they begin to look forward to a solid food instead of just milk. They will not stop nursing during this time. 


At 4 weeks they begin to get opportunities to leave their whelping box more often. Along with daily handling they are introduced to loud, anxious children. The sounds of kitchen items clattering during cooking, the t.v. , the vacuum and other sights and sounds they will become accustomed to throughout their life. They still return to the comfort of their mom after their activities and will play more and more often, rougher and rougher with siblings. This play they do may include growling, wrestling, pinning a sibling to the ground and some barking. They are learning through play. Siblings and mom will teach them limits. How hard can I bite on my siblings ear, how long can I jump at moms face before she says that's enough, etc. This is very important for the puppies because through this play they learn what is acceptable with humans too. Nobody wants an over excited puppy that doesn't understand when enough is enough. 

Between 4 to 6 weeks puppies are eating very well on their own. They usually receive their first deworming at about 3-4 weeks of age They are still not separated from mom for more than about 4 hours at a time. Mom will continue to play with them but begins to want her own space. They are not relying on her as often. They can eliminate on their own and mom is no longer interested in cleaning up after them. The puppies are introduced to newspaper. They begin to learn to eliminate on the paper outside of their whelping box. This will happen naturally as animals do not want to play, eat or sleep where they do their business. This is the first step of introduction to potty training.  Papers have to be cleaned and picked up often as they don't yet understand how to avoid getting it on them. They are now eating primarily puppy food.  Closer to 6 weeks mom will start trying to ween them. She may nip at them when they try to nurse. They are pretty big at this age and their little nails scratch her trying to nurse and she knows they are getting plenty of nutrition from the puppy food they are eating. She becomes a little less patience with them but still watches out for them and between their siblings. 


Between 6-8 weeks they are ready to leave for their forever family. If necessary they will have their 2nd or 3rd deworming. They are becoming more and more independent and need one on one affection from their new family who is making the commitment to raise them and love them. They are now eating completely independent of mom, defecating on their own in the designated area, and ready to begin life in their very own home not just a sibling with their mom.  Each puppy has a pretty distinct personality from his littermates at this time. Some will be the adventurers who are the first to check out new things, some will be the comforters who are always checking to see where and how everyone is. Some will be snugglers who just want human companionship. Some more complacent, they don't really care about the leaf that is blowing. While others insist that the leaf must be tamed. This is a very fun time in the life of the puppy. The world is their oyster and they are finally ready to take that on with you.

If you have a deposit for a puppy and have one selected that you are waiting on, you will be contacted to set up a pickup time. I will be asking that you come at your designated time because I want to give you, as well as others, the personalized attention regarding your puppy.  Others will most likely be scheduled to pick up their puppy the same day as well. I will send home with each puppy their AKC registration papers, a bowl and a few items to get you started. Your puppy will come to you given the best start possible but you become responsible for his future when he leaves with you. It is important that you continue to socialize your puppy inside and outside your home with sights and sounds. You will need to have a veterinary appointment scheduled to get your puppy thoroughly checked out and started on his vaccinations if he hasn't started on them already. 

Things to have done at vet will be a thorough vet check, fecal examine, shots and heartworm preventative. If this is your first vet visit or a new vet you will want to develop a good relationship with him because you will be working closely with him in regards to your puppies health. Each vet has their own protocol for shots and age of sterilization. These things should be discussed with him. It is recommended that you have a crate for your new puppy to keep him safe and assist you with training. In most cases you will not be able to have your eyes on your new puppy at all times but they will require this for the most part as they have not yet learned where to go potty, what they can chew on, what they can eat, where they can go, etc. Your puppy will be on Purina Puppy Chow and eating at least 2x a day. 


The first night is scary for your new baby. This will be the first time that he sleeps without his momma or his siblings. Expect him to question you and your attention at first. Although he is excited to play with you he is still in a strange environment. He may not want to eat the first evening. He may be a little shy all these are normal. Just have patience with him and try not to overwhelm him his first few days. If possible, try to keep neighbors and visitors at bay for the first few days. Allow him a chance to get to know you first so he can feel safe and have some familiarity when experiencing new people and things. 

You continue this story from here... We have done our part and wish you the very best with your new puppy.   God bless you and enjoy!! 

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